Camping at the Mineola Civic Center

Please visit for details about the Mineola Civic Center. There are a few photos on this page below. For more photos go to

We have reserved the Mineola Civic Center campsites from Friday October 1, 2021 to Thursday October 14, 2021. If you have registered for NDOG 2021 and you arrive within this timeframe, you will be assigned a campsite and pay the per night event price for the number of nights you camp within this timeframe. Dennis or Robin Clute will collect the money for camping. We plan to arrive Saturday October 2. When you arrive, drive around the circle and park in front of Meredith Hall. Then call/text Dennis (682-559-0503) or Robin (682-521-9940) to select and pay for your campsite. You may pay for more than one campsite when you check in for members of your group or chapter that will be arriving later. We will have a map of the campground showing which sites have been selected and paid for to avoid someone inadvertently occupying a site that has been selected and paid for.

If you want to arrive and camp before October 1 or stay later than October 14, you may do so by registering online through the MCC reservation system at the normal price being charged by the MCC at that time . (Note: the current Non-NDOG rate for camping is $39 (50 amp) or $34 (30 amp). Campsite reservations through the MCC reservation system are currently being blocked from Friday October 1, 2021 to Thursday October 14, 2021 for the NDOG Event. The closer we get to NDOG, some of these campsites may become available through the MCC reservation system. These will be campsites that are located further from Meredith Hall so that NDOG campers can occupy the sites closer to Meredith Hall.

Campsites will be reserved upon arrival on a first come first serve basis. Camping with full hookups costs $33 per night. The few sites with water and electric only will only cost $15 per night and are suitable for tear-drop campers and similar small RVs. Your host will collect camping fees upon arrival. Cash, check, or credit cards will be accepted.

There will be no charge for tent camping with no utilities. The MCC doesn’t normally allow tent camping but they’ve made an exception for the NDOG. They ask that tents be pitched near the pavilion and that a single fire pit be shared between the tent campers. There are neighborhoods near the MCC and the Fire Marshall is concerned that smoke from too many campfires will be met with complaints from nearby neighbors.

There are 221 sites designated for camping; 194 have full hookups; 27 have only water and electric hookups.

The 27 sites with only water and electric hookups are located in the parking lot on the North side of Meredith Hall (left side when facing the front of Meredith Hall). These have no septic hookups, but there are two dump stations behind Meredith Hall. These sites are suitable for teardrop campers and similar sized small RVs. Campers may park their RVs in every other site so that there is room between RVs to park vehicles, cook, etc.; thus, only 13 of these sites will be available for camping. Campers will pay $15 per night per RV for these sites.

42 of the 194 sites with full hookups are located inside the circle, but there is not enough room to park RVs in each of these sites. It is estimated that, due to space restrictions inside the circle, only 14 of these 42 sites will be usable . These sites will be on grass, but we’ve been told we can drive and park on the grass even if it rains.

All but three of the remaining 166 sites with full hookups can be utilized. 97 of these (the ones on the street) are on concrete pads. The sites behind the concrete pad sites are on grass but, as mentioned above, we’ve been told we can drive and park on the grass even if it rains. Soils at the MCC are sandy and well drained. Driving on the grass in wet conditions has not been a problem.

Depending on their size, you may be able to store a utility trailer or tow dolly at your campsite.  If there’s not enough space there, you should be able to park your utility trailer or tow dolly in the parking lot on the south side of Meredith Hall.

Below is an aerial view of the Mineola Civic Center looking West. Near the bottom right corner of the photo is Meredith Hall where we will eat, have most of our events, and where the vendors will be set up. Just to the right of the intersection near the middle of the photo is the pavilion. Where? Well, you can’t see it in this photo because the photo was taken before the pavilion was built. The bottom aerial photo is looking northeast with Meredith Hall in the top right corner of the photo. This photo was also taken before the pavilion was built. In this photo the pavilion is located left (north) of the lone tree that is northeast of the intersection.

All of the full-hookup sites have utility access, but the utility hookups are located between the sites nearest the street.  That means that, if you are camped in one of the sites that is not located directly on the street, your sewer hose, power cord, and water hose will need to be longer than if you were camped in a site near the street.  The diagram below shows where the utilities are located. 

Concrete pads with utilities located near back of pad. The utilities serve the concrete pads and the campsites on grass behind the concrete pads.

All of the sites have 50-amp receptacles only.  If you have a 30-amp plug you will need to purchase a 50-amp male to 30-amp female adapter.  The Mineola Walmart had a bunch of these in stock for about $20 in August of 2018.  If you have a 110-volt plug you will need an additional adapter.

There is an approximate 4 ½ inch drop at the street curb.  This abrupt drop may hinder driving/backing an RV into a site.  A short 2″ x 10″ board against the curb and a couple of 2 x 10’s will make a pretty good ramp (see sketch below).  Dennis Clute will have some of these available after he arrives on the Monday before the event.

Note the 4 1/2 inch curb.