RV Rental Information

Here is a little information for those considering RV rentals at NDOG 2020.  I spoke with Royce of Royce’s Rentals in Tyler.  His company will deliver, set up, and pick up an RV at the Mineola Civic Center.  His website is https://roycesrentals.com/  and his phone number is 903-894-7978. One of our potential registrants posted on the FB page that she called to inquire about a rental and the person she talked to didn’t show much interest in renting and delivering an RV to the Mineola Civic Center. In mid-February I reached out to Royce’s Rentals and haven’t received a response.

There is also a website called RVshare.com, where you deal directly with the owners of the RVs.  When putting Mineola, TX into the search bar, several results popped up in the area in a variety of sizes and prices.