Email to Registrants Announcing Postponement

Dutch Oven Friends –

We have reached the heartbreaking decision that we are going to have to postpone NDOG 2020. There were a lot of difficulties we faced with the Covid-19 virus, but in the end, there were three things we could not overcome.

All restaurants and event centers are operating at 50% percent capacity in Texas. That means that we would have to stop accepting reservations since we currently have more people registered than Meredith Hall can accommodate at 50% capacity. We would hate that so many of our dutch oven friends could not attend simply because they did not register early.

Because of current State mandates, only family members and those traveling with them would be able to share a dining table. Since this is a social event, it doesn’t make sense to go forth with the event and not be able to socialize at meals.

Lastly, there are at least 13 states that currently have travel mandates or advisories for Texas. The people who attend from those states are facing a 14-day quarantine and/or a negative Covid test once they return home. The Canadian border also remains closed.

We made this decision after conferring with Nancy at the Mineola Civic Center and the hosts for upcoming NDOGs. They have graciously agreed to let us host the event on the same Columbus Day weekend next year (October 7-10, 2021).

There’s no need for any action on your part unless you wish to have your registration fee and money for merchandise refunded; if so, you can request a refund anytime by sending Dennis an email.  Otherwise, you are now registered for NDOG 2021 and the merchandise you ordered will be there when you arrive.

We’ll be updating the Facebook page and the website and will keep you posted as the updates are made.

This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but we are looking forward to having NDOG 2021 when we can fully enjoy the event and socialize as we are accustomed to doing.

Dennis and Robin Clute